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Our principal line of products and services is our Blink EV charging network (“Blink Network”), EV charging equipment, also known as electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), and EV charging services. Our Blink Network is proprietary cloud-based software that operates, maintains, and tracks all of the EV charging stations connected to the network and the associated charging data. Blink Network provides businesses, property owners, property managers, and businesses with cloud-based services that enable the remote monitoring and management of EV charging stations, payment processing, and provides EV drivers with vital EV charger information including station location, directions, availability, and applicable fees.

DC Fast Charging (DCFC)

Typically 400V, 3-Phase AC input, is used for charging electric vehicles in commercial locations, as it requires less electrical infrastructure. Therefore, DCFC stations are currently not as widespread as Mode 3 electric vehicle charging stations. While DCFC stations can charge an EV more rapidly than Mode 3 charging stations (for example, a Nissan LEAF can charge on a DCFC station from 0% to 85% in about 30 minutes), they are not typically compatible with all electric cars. DC Fast Charging connectors vary by station. DC Fast Chargers currently on Blink Network offer the CHAdeMO connector, but there are plans to incorporate other standards, such as the SAE combo and Tesla’s proprietary connector, in the future.

Mode 3 EV Charging (Europe)

The Blink 400V, triple phase, AC units are most common type of charging stations for European car models. Mode 3 European Charger is the fastest AC charging station common for shared spaces where multiple electric vehicles can charge.  Residential (housing communities, schools, and recreational centers) and Commercial (shopping centers, healthcare facilities and workplaces) spaces can all benefit from these dual-port stations. Our charger has a future-proof, ergonomic and energy-saving focused design that makes it easy to operate and manage through the Blink Network.

Blink Network Brings EV Charging Information to your fingertips.

Blink Network for EV Drivers

Locate EV Charging Stations & View Station Information, Including Station Availability

Become a Blink Member, Set Notifications,

and Review EV Charging Session Details

Multiple Methods for Activating EV Chargers

and Charging Sessions

Blink Network for Hosts

Create Users, Set Permissions, and Access

Standard and Custom Reports

Manage Your EV Charging Station Information

Remote Software Updates and Troubleshooting

Attract EV Drivers to your Property and Promote your Business 


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